How does it work? 

It works by a naturally occurring molecule in the body called Deoxycholic acid which aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat in our body. Deoxycholic acid is administered through a series of injections into the submental fat. The fat cells are then destroyed and can no longer store fat. 

What entails a treatment? 

Kybella is a same-day office procedure. A treatment consists of multiple injections of the submental fat. The total number of treatments needed is determined by your healthcare provider. Treatments may range anywhere from 2 or more treatments. 

Is it effective?

Kybella results are highly visible considering you are the right candidate. Kybella is for the treatment of fat under the chin it is not a good option for people with excessive saggy skin. 
It is important that this procedure is done by experienced and well-trained professionals. Our injector professionals will consult with you about your treatment goals and options determining whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.