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My Acne Is Embarrassing: Can You Help?

My Acne Is Embarrassing: Can You Help?

Having acne can affect your self-esteem and diminish your quality of life. Instead of hiding behind makeup or a mask, we have a better solution.

Our acne specialists at Jordan Valley Dermatology Center in South Jordan, Utah, know how upsetting acne can be. We invite you to visit dermatologist Douglass Forsha, MD, if your acne doesn’t respond to home remedies. Our team provides a thorough skin analysis and creates an individualized treatment plan. 

Acne can become a problem at any age and patients can relapse even after it has cleared up. Some forms of acne can leave scars that last a lifetime. Treatment can lessen outbreaks and stop new scarring from occurring. We also offer aesthetic procedures that might lessen the visibility of acne scars.

Causes of acne

The old myth persists that poor hygiene is responsible for acne. That's not true. It occurs when glands make more sebum (oil) than they should. Acne isn't a hygiene issue; nearly everyone has a breakout at some point.

Acne occurs when the skin glands on your face, chest, or back make excess sebum. Most of the time, a change in hormones is to blame. 

Male hormones called androgens stimulate oil production in the pores and are found in both men and women. However, men and women produce different amounts of it, and if the natural balance of hormones in the body is disturbed, acne can be one of the unpleasant consequences. 

How we treat acne

Depending on the severity of the acne, Dr. Forsha has different options for therapy.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide counteracts some disorders in the skin. It has an exfoliating effect on the skin and also kills bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is available as a cream or facial cleanser and is usually well-tolerated. 


Those with acne also achieve good results with antibiotics. They fight the bacteria responsible for the skin's inflammation. In mild forms of acne, a topical antibiotic is applied to the skin. Temporary oral antibiotic treatment can also be helpful with severe forms of acne.


Accutane is a vitamin A derivative that treats severe acne. It reduces the production of sebum and inhibits the inflammatory response. Due to the reduced sebum formation, there are fewer new infections with the acne bacterium. It has been available in the USA for over 40 years. 

Retinoids chemically related to vitamin A are often used for short-term and long-term therapy and come in capsule and gel form. Accutane is one of the most effective retinoids. It is a systemic drug taken orally for severe acne, externally for milder conditions, and to support healing with less scarring.

If you have persistent acne, see us now

Having occasional pimples is normal, but if the annoying redness keeps coming back or spreading under the skin, it's time to act and make an appointment with Dr. Forsha. 

The sooner you visit Jordan Valley Dermatology, the sooner you can start individual therapy and prevent scarring.  If you’re experiencing recurring acne, call or send us a secure message today.


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