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Acne affects your skin’s appearance and can make it hard for you to confidently show your face in public. At Jordan Valley Dermatology Center in South Jordan, Utah, dermatologist Douglass Forsha, MD, and his team treat both active acne and lasting acne scars so you can feel confident again. To learn more about available acne treatments and services, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Acne Q & A

What is acne?

As the most common skin condition in the United States, acne has probably affected your skin at least once in your lifetime. The condition causes two main types of blemishes to appear on your skin’s surface, often on your face, chest, or back:

Red pustules or papules

When certain pores in your skin become clogged or inflamed, they can cause red pimples to appear on your skin’s surface. If you pick at these pimples, you can leave your skin with tiny scars called acne scars. 


Comedones — also called blackheads and whiteheads —aren’t as inflammatory as pimples. Whiteheads have a white spot on the top, while blackheads have a dark or black spot. This is because whiteheads are still below the surface of your skin, and blackheads are exposed to oxygen, which turns comedones black.

What causes acne flare-ups?

Your skin contains glands called sebaceous glands that produce a type of oil called sebum. These glands send the sebum up your hair follicles to encourage cell turnover by removing dead skin cells. Acne can occur when these glands become clogged with oil, hair, or dirt.

Usually, acne starts out as blackheads or whiteheads. When they become infected with bacteria, they can become inflamed and turn into pustules or papules. 

There are many reasons why this process can happen to your sebaceous glands, including:

  • Hormone fluctuations like puberty or pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • A carbohydrate-rich diet
  • Genetics

If you get acne often, you might learn to identify your specific triggers. By identifying your triggers, you can sometimes reduce or avoid flare-ups. 

How is acne treated?

At Jordan Valley Dermatology Center, Dr. Forsha and the team specialize in treating acne according to your individual needs. They can also treat acne scarring with cosmetic treatments like microneedling or laser therapy. 

Your acne treatment might involve:

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Oral or topical antibiotics for infections
  • Tretinoin
  • Hormonal birth control
  • Physical extraction

Jordan Valley Dermatology Center is the number one prescriber of Accutane in the nation. Accutane is a prescription vitamin A medication for severe acne that’s often a last resort for acne that resists other treatments. 

Treatment for acne is highly personalized, and the team at Jordan Valley Dermatology Center considers medical, cosmetic, and research factors while designing your treatment. For professional acne care, call the office or book an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.