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How to Put a Stop to Your Excessive Sweating

How to Put a Stop to Your Excessive Sweating

If your job is physically demanding, you expect some extra sweat. However, if you’re soaking shirts for no reason, it might indicate that your body is overproducing sweat. You might be experiencing excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) for many different reasons, but treatments like MiraDry can help. 

Douglass Forsha, MD, and his team of specialists at Jordan Valley Dermatology Center in South Jordan, Utah, provide innovative and successful treatments for embarrassing conditions like excessive sweating

What causes hyperhidrosis 

Hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating, is a problem many have experienced at some point. Maybe you were nervous about a speech or presentation, didn’t check the forecast, or participated in an unexpected game of hoops. Even public speakers, professors, and executives get clammy, and avid athletes are always ready for competition, so many folks keep an extra shirt in their car or office.

Hyperhidrosis is different. If you have chronic hyperhidrosis, sweating through your clothes is a constant concern. You prepare for nearly every day, packing extra shirts and buying the best deodorant and antiperspirant. You worry about shaking or holding hands because you might transfer your sweat onto someone. 

Hormonal changes like menopause or thyroid problems can cause hyperhidrosis, but the condition can also run in families. However, the most significant factor in excessive sweating is stress. While you can try to control sources of stress and how you manage them, you can’t always control how your body reacts. This is when a specialist can step in and offer solutions. 

Solutions for excessive sweating 

Excessive sweating isn’t limited to your underarms and hands. Your entire body is covered in sweat glands, including your forehead and the soles of your feet. We can tailor treatment to manage your issue depending on where you’re sweating the most.

Prescription antiperspirants and creams can sometimes help with hyperhidrosis. However, if you're experiencing axillary hyperhidrosis or constant sweating from the armpits, MiraDry® would provide a more permanent solution. 

How MiraDry can help

MiraDry is a noninvasive treatment that brings your sweat glands closer to the surface before disabling them. Thermal energy penetrates your skin and prevents the production of perspiration under the arms, reducing sweat and odor. 

While this effect is permanent, the glands under your arms only comprise 2% of the entire body, so you’re not missing much. If you do become overheated, finding shade or drinking water will be more effective than sweating through your shirt. 

Anyone struggling with underarm wetness, even if they don’t experience constant hyperhidrosis, is a candidate for MiraDry. Do you hate spending extra money on special deodorants or antiperspirants? Are you embarrassed by sweat or body odor? There’s an easy fix with MiraDry.

Learn more about MiraDry by calling Jordan Valley Dermatology Center at 801-335-6728 or visiting the contact page

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